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5 independent perfume brands to know in 2021

Scent is a powerful thing. It has the ability to both arouse desire and divide opinions. Where some scents will pull you like a proverbial moth to a flame, others will repel you – even make you nauseous. That being said, too often these days I find myself smelling the same old scents over and over again and it’s enough to make the most curious palettes crave something a little more divisive.

With that in mind, I recently researched independent fragrance brands that create fragrances designed to both seduce and challenge. Niche brands such as Ffern, Timothy Han and Sana Jardin create distinctive scents that have a story to tell and, more importantly, you won’t smell anyone else. Here are five of the best.

The Expressionist: On The Road Eau de Parfum by Timothy Han


The founder of Edition perfumes, Timothy Han, creates perfumes inspired by literary icons, such as Jack Kerouac. On the road. “I created my perfumes not to break away from the traditional way of making perfume, but to tell a story, letting the perfumes unfold the story of the literature on which they are based,” says Han. “That meant not always sticking to the common way of layering top, middle and base notes. I guess you could call it upside down or upside down perfume making, but it was how I felt best to represent the story I wanted to tell. With smoky birch and benzoin reflecting the gritty New York City and Cedarwood the dusty cornfields of the American Midwest, On The Road is a trip you won’t want to miss.

The Craftsman: 24k Citrus Perfume Extract by Panah London