Fragrance brands

Australian online retailer The Profumeria aims to make more cult fragrance brands readily available for the local market

The Profumeria is an Australian e-commerce platform specializing in the import of locally made Italian fragrance and skincare brands.

It was launched amid the pandemic last year by sisters Elissa and Vanessa Bartuccelli, who both have retail experience as buyers for international brands and department stores.

“As Australians can’t travel and access these brands themselves, we wanted to create scents to create a bit of nostalgia and remind them of overseas travel. There is a huge market of Australian tourists in Italy,”said Elissa Bartuccelli.

Over the past few years, the Bartuccellis have seen a tremendous change in the world of perfumery. More specifically, that consumers no longer turn to big brands to tell them what they should be.

“There is a whole idea of ​​using a fragrance for ourselves to be enjoyed by ourselves in our own space. We are seeing an emphasis on unisex fragrances and encouraging consumers to select perfumes according to their mood, their personality or their individuality”, Bartuccielli said.

These artisan perfume brands have been great at re-educating consumers about how this “new” way of choosing and wearing perfume, gender-neutral perfumes, is here to stay. According to Mintel, gender-neutral fragrance launches accounted for 17% of the market in 2010 and by 2018 that figure had risen to 51%.

While consumers may clamor for lesser-known brands, these brands are not necessarily accessible to a wider global audience.

One of the reasons the Bartuccellis started the business was to give fellow Australians a chance to buy cult labels in Italy, which can be subject to exorbitant shipping costs as well as duties and taxes.

“The whole beauty industry has changed. It’s about making shopping easier for the new generation. It’s about accessibility because people are now used to picking up their mobile devices and making a purchase. is a question of speed for the customer, because they expect products on the spot”, Bartuccielli said.

While the company currently only operates in Australia. She is working to expand into New Zealand and wants to expand into Asian markets, where sales of niche fragrances are skyrocketing.

What consumers want

Since its launch, the company has introduced Italian fragrance brands Via Del Mille, Ortigia Sicilia, Nasomatto, Meo Fusciuni, Oway and, most recently, a line of fragrances from Italian fashion house ETRO.

“There are a lot more emerging brands coming up now due to market trends. I think it will be very interesting to see what happens over the next 12 months. We are definitely looking for brands that are part of the wallet “, Bartuccielli said.

In particular, the company looks for brands that offer products made from natural ingredients and have compelling sustainability stories to tell.

ETRO fragrances, for example, are made in-house with natural ingredients and the packaging reuses additional fabric from its fashion line.

Bartucelli said: “Consumers in this space are really looking for brands with high added value, especially around production and packaging. We are seeing this huge shift in the general beauty market towards natural ingredients and sustainable products. Consumers want to be sure they know where the products are coming from and what they are investing in.”