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Beauty professionals on the brands that inspire

“Peloton is a brand that I follow frequently. From the social media community aspect to the knowledge of the instructors and of course the amazing products, I love how they understand their customer and make their instructors the face of the brand. It’s a different industry than Beauty Damn, but we’re so alike in that we’re a way of life, a necessity, and our people are the experts. — Sonia Summers, Founder and CEO, Beauty Barrage

“A company that inspires me outside of beauty is Tesla. They built their organization based on lean and agile concepts, modularizing the management of the company into several small, autonomous and autonomous teams. Through this process, Tesla realized they could innovate everywhere at once (e.g. engine, exterior, battery function, factories, etc.), creating better performing cars in a short amount of time. shorter. As founder Elon Musk says, the pace of innovation is all that matters in the long run. — Sarah Creal, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Victoria Beckham Beauty

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“I find myself constantly inspired by artisan tequila makers, especially a company called Clase Azul. I’ve been shouting their praises for years, long before I launched my own brand. I love their creativity in packaging and formulation. The process is very similar to making perfumes, actually. Their bottles are beautiful, like a work of art. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a big reposado and mezcal drinker. I guess that’s why it’s no surprise that many of my perfumes contain alcohol accords. — Chris Collins, Founder and Managing Director, World of Chris Collins

“I think any company truly committed to living its values ​​can find inspiration in Patagonia. As an organization, Patagonia has embraced the space in which it operates, dedicating itself not only to creating high-quality products, but also to understanding and responding to the beliefs of its customers and employees regarding the preservation of the environment, sustainability and respect for our planet. . In terms of clarity and authenticity, their corporate mission resonates extremely well with their target audience, myself included. — Ron Gee, President and CEO, Shiseido Americas

“The company that inspires me the most outside of beauty is Loewe. I love how they infuse joy and whimsy into their craft. This duality of heritage and innovation gives the brand a feeling of freshness. — Margaret de Heinrich, co-founder, Omorovicza

“I really love Apple Inc. The innovation, store aesthetics, and minimal yet highly effective packaging set them apart in their industry. They are the masters of experiential unboxing. I look forward to their annual Apple events and j love the details they put into the unveiling of their new releases — Julian Addo, Founder, Adwoa Beauty

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