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Encouraged by her parents (the founders of natural skincare brand La Natura), Carina Chazanas created her first line of perfumes at the age of 16, an eponymous brand that evoked a young and feminine vibe. Eight years later, a penchant for masculine scents inspired tomboyish Chazanas to launch his second brand, DedCool, which is genderless, vegan and non-toxic. “I wanted the concept to be that anyone could wear it and stick to my own green beauty regimen,” Chazanas said. To appeal to all genres, the minimalist bottles are branded with a barcode unique to each fragrance, all of which are named after a number, such as the 02 fragrance. The fragrances are inspired by her hometown of Los Angeles and use ingredients sourced from the United States. range from $40 for a rollerball to $70 for a 1.7 oz. bottle; retailers include select Neiman Marcus, Credo Beauty, Riley Rose and Urban Outfitters doors. “Gen Z and Millennials understand that they don’t have to spend a lot on a good product,” Chazanas said. “DedCool introduces the idea that [fragrances] do not have to use animal-derived ingredients or harmful components. I would like to educate the consumer and move towards a greener world.

Skylar’s Body

After her newborn baby had an allergic reaction to her perfume, Cat Chen was inspired to start a hypoallergenic perfume brand. A former Honest Company executive, Chen had switched to “clean” beauty products, but could not find a comparable alternative for fragrance. Thus was born Skylar Body, which combines natural and synthetic ingredients deemed safe by Chen. “Our ultimate goal is for people to know it’s possible to have a clean, healthy scent,” she said. “We want to have a layer of transparency that we believe is lacking in the fragrance industry.” Chen launched Skylar in April 2017 with four flavors – Arrow, Coral, Isle and Meadow, $78 each for a 1.7 oz bottle. Following an initial $3 million investment from Upfront Ventures, the company launched candle versions of all four scents in January, at $38 each. “Women are looking for something good and not necessarily all natural,” she said. “They love the complexity and layers of all scent notes, so we wanted to combine nature and science for a hypoallergenic product.” Skylar Body’s sole distribution point is its e-commerce site, and Chen has no immediate plans to expand to other physical or online retailers. “Our customer is savvy and has questions about the ingredients. The direct connection means that we have this relationship with it and can provide this information.

Wild Ojai

Drawing on her background in art and perfumery, Janna Sheehan launched Ojai Wild to pay homage to the landscapes and natural materials of California’s Ojai Valley. “It’s a very artistic process for me,” said Sheehan, who is a painter, printmaker and perfumer. “The goal is to venerate the essence and rawness of plants and give context to fragrances like a painting.” Ojai Wild’s fragrances are formulated with California-sourced botanicals, like juniper berries, white sage and redwood leaves, many of which are harvested from Sheehan’s own farm. No heat is used in the formulation process because Sheehan wants to include the raw essence of the ingredients. Due to Sheehan’s heat-free formulation process, each batch of the brand’s four scents – White Sage, Juniper Berry, Redwood Leaves and Pink Peppercorn – is not completely the same. “Nature’s beauty isn’t exact,” Sheehan said of the fragrances, which cost $98 for 1 oz. and are sold in 15 doors including Shen Beauty and CO Bigelow. “The experience with these fragrances is different from others where people expect the exact same thing.”

Each apart

Womenswear brand Apiece Apart entered the fragrance game late last year with the launch of its first fragrance, Woman, specially designed for its New York storefront. Now, with its newly opened location in Venice, California, designers Laura Cramer and Starr Hout are launching their second fragrance, LA Woman. For the new fragrance, the designers again partnered with Emily L’Ami, the perfumer behind Bodha Modern Wellness, to include the benefits of aromatherapy in the fragrance formulation. While the first fragrance had earthy and woody notes to evoke the energy of New York, LA Woman is based on a Los Angeles sunset with bright notes of orange and jasmine and is blended with a base of organic jojoba oil to give it an aromatherapy quality. Each is $98 for 0.5 oz. Cramer and Hout decided to go the natural route for fragrances because of their children. “Going through pregnancy and seeing the amount of synthetic fragrances and chemicals around us, we realized how important it was to create a natural scent,” Cramer said. Hout added: “One of the things we both learned was how to take better care of ourselves as mothers and business owners. [Our fragrances] having this idea of ​​being a ritual that you do for yourself and a reminder to take care of yourself.