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Get a free gift when you buy Curie products at Nordstrom

Photos by Nordstrom/Composite by Robin Mosley/CNET

It’s a welcome change to see natural body care products on the market these days. Before, those of us who wanted to use natural products on our skin usually had to make our own. There are now a number of natural body care brands to choose from. Curie is one of them, and today at Nordstrom, if you buy it full size Curie product, you will receive a free 2 oz hand sanitizer as a gift throughout the month of February.

So what’s the deal with Curie? There is a lot to do. The products smell great and the body wash in particular is non-drying. If you opt for the whipped body wash, you’ll find that the 4-ounce bottle is quite effective. I tried this body wash, and the consistency of the soap when solid and when used was similar to body butters I’ve used before. Basically, it melts right away, and as a body wash, it lathers up nicely.

The full body spray is another product you should consider. It is free of aluminum and has a light fragrance. You can use this 3 ounce spray in any area where you sweat. While I only used it on my armpits, it worked just as well, if not better than other natural deodorants, because I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. This spray is the kind of product you can take anywhere and feel safe wearing it.