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Globo prohibits “smuggling” at BBB 22 and requires brothers to return products

release of BBB 22 Participants were forced to return certain products available in stock, and those confined were instructed to keep only procedural items and not to stock what Globo had in their bags. A voice that cuts the peace to the brothers this Wednesday (9) after Lucas Bisoli They are taken with various personal effects.

“Attention everyone. Makeup products should only be stored in makeup bags. These are gifts for you. Products displayed in the pantry are for your use during the program. Therefore, overruns should be put back on the shelves immediately, ”he knew.

The medical student carried his bag into the bedroom and his classmates helped him put things back in place. Among the “smuggled” personal effects was a bag containing packets of sunscreen, toothbrushes, toilet paper, perfume, deodorant, etc.

In addition to being the center of jokes between friends, the reality file on Twitter posted the video of the moment and made a joke with the nickname of Besoli. “Things have gone so wrong for Barao da Rubadinha,” they wrote.

Asked by Slovenia Marques why he keeps so many products in his bag, the Pipoca contestant revealed that he thought he was not a good fit for the show and would be leaving soon. “I thought it would come out week two, then go week three, fourth, fifth…” he laughed.

“What’s all this desperation, man?” He asked. Arthur Agyar. Slovenia commented: “I was amazed. I’m sure you both made a lot of memes. as Douglas Silva points out, who put things together, but not as much as capixaba.

“He took three sachets full of perfume. She gave perfume for three whole prints. He took a sponge, toilet paper and a toothbrush. It’s contraband,” he wondered. Lyn de Quebrada.

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The brothers bring the products back to the store

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