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How to submit your stories and photos to SHOUT, The Daily Star

SHOUT, The Daily Star publishes readers’ comments if they live up to it. Refer to the following points on how to submit your work (articles, photographs) to SHOUT, The Daily Star.


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1. Non-fiction articles should be between 500 and 600 words. Send them to

2. Fiction or stories can be in the range of 500-600 or 800-1100 words. Poems should not exceed 30 lines. Send them to

3. All articles should be sent as an MS Word attachment.

4. All articles must contain the following information –

  • A title
  • Author’s name under the title, called the signature
  • A brief description of the author’s educational or professional background (no more than 20 words). For example, “The writer is a class 10 student at XYZ school and college.”

5. The subject line of your email should be formatted as follows –
Subject: Reader Submission – Article Title – Your Name

6. Attach the article and send it to the e-mail address indicated in points 1 and 2.

7. For photos (to be featured in the Kaleidoscope section of SHOUT), you must send at least 10 photos, from which we will select 7 or 8. Your photos must have a specific theme and a title to accompany the photos.

What happens after you submit your article or photos?

We will either shortlist your article for publication or we will reject it. Either way, we’ll send you a response.

SHOUT receives an overwhelming number of reader submissions each week, from which we can only choose those that demonstrate certain key qualities. After emailing us, expect a response within TWO WEEKS. You can decide to publish your article elsewhere if you do not hear from us within this time.

Also note that shortlisting an article does not necessarily mean that we will publish it soon. However, we will keep it with us and let you know when we decide to release it.

What are we looking for in articles?

  • Submissions must not be plagiarized in any way. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding plagiarism.
  • Articles should not contain too many grammatical errors. We can excuse grammatical errors and typos up to a point. Too many of these errors could result in your article being rejected.
  • We are always on the lookout for unique and interesting items.
  • We also appreciate well thought out and researched opinion pieces.
  • Avoid generic topics. Talk about specific niches or share your opinion on your selected topic.
  • Be sure to write in the Bangladeshi context. Use local examples rather than international examples.
  • Avoid writing directly about your thoughts or inner thoughts. You can fictionalize these thoughts and send us a fiction instead.
  • You can also send reviews and analysis (movies, TV series, anime, music, books, etc.). In the case of TV series, movies, or anime, avoid just outlining the plot. Instead, talk about what makes it interesting or boring, what you liked or disliked, why it stands out, what the characters are like, etc. For music review, we prefer that you profile an artist or review an entire album. Try to avoid reviewing a single song unless you think it’s very influential.
  • You can also share your travel stories with us. In this case, also try to send us photos of your travels.

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions if you have questions. If you cannot find the answer to the question you are looking for, you can write to us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do you pay for reader submissions?

A. No. We do not pay for reader submissions.

Q. Can I submit articles or photographs that have been published elsewhere?

A. No. We do not publish anything that has already been published elsewhere. Note that we will reject your current and future submissions if we find any kind of plagiarism.

Q. Should my article have quotes from other people?

A. Not necessarily. However, if you think citations will improve the article, go for it.