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Kirkcaldy’s new store launches the sale of returned products for at least 50% of the original price

GoodsForGood is The Enlightments outlet which is operated by the Adam Smith Global Foundation.

It has reopened in the downtown east side, with a new initiative selling surplus, end-of-season lines or returns from multiple outlets.

And, after a soft launch, the doors are wide open.

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The Enlightenments, High Street, Kirkcaldy has a new outlet as doors reopen after lockdown

Bill Harvey, former director of Kirkaldy4All, oversees the foundation’s project, which is also working to organize its Festival of Ideas this year.

GoodsForGood launched last month and has been pleased with the response so far.

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Mr Harvey said: “Retail is very difficult – and we are finding our feet in a very competitive world – but we are making progress.

“Our boutique has a small but growing clientele who are discovering our eclectic offering.”

The fact that it sells returned items means that stock changes regularly.

Mr Harvey said: “One day you may find big name brands in fragrances, sports equipment and leisure wear.

“When that is sold, we may have high-end home and household products or travel accessories. It’s an Aladdin’s cave – amazing, ever-changing offerings.

With the store operational, the second phase is to enable the shipment of products.

Mr Harvey said: “At first we only used click and collect because we wanted a smooth launch, testing our systems and operations under stress.

“We are now a few weeks away and, as planned, we are moving online to allow customers from further afield to buy.”

The GoodsForGood Shopify store has had nearly 2,000 visits to date – the majority viewing products and, upon purchase, picking up in-store.

Most are from across the UK, although they attract visits from potential customers in the US and Ireland.

The spread of interest led to the second phase with products now available for shipment to any address.