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Show small brands some love with Virgin Red

Using small businesses makes life more interesting. You can find unusual and innovative products, experience great customer service, and know you’re helping someone’s dream come true – it’s a rewarding experience! At Virgin Red, we really want to support people and the planet, and we believe that tapping into small businesses whenever we can is a great way to do that.

When you join Virgin Red, you can spend and earn Virgin Points at very special small businesses, from beauty products to leather goods. Here are more reasons to make small business shopping part of your life.

More than ever, we try to buy sustainably, keeping an eye on the origin of the products we buy. Small business owners tend to be more involved in the manufacturing of their products, pay more attention to materials, and they are also more likely to operate with transparency.

Available on Virgin Red, Billy Tannery, a brand that salvages leftover goatskin from the UK food industry and turns it into absolutely beautiful leather goods, all made in the UK. Use your points to grab a card holder or key fob.

Freestar Beer is another brand that is changing the way of doing things. Freestar’s manufacturing process produces 90% less CO2, 80% less energy and 80% less water than other methods of making non-alcoholic beer. Quite impressive statistics that make giving up alcohol even more tempting. You can get a case of Freestar beer using your Virgin Points.


If you love handmade, vintage, and unique products, small businesses really can’t be beat. You’ll be happy to know that you can earn points on both notonthehighstreet and Etsy, two platforms that enable millions of UK artists, makers and sellers to showcase their wares to customers at looking for something a little different. .

Pretty personalized birthstone bracelets are all the rage right now on notonthehighstreet and rustic grain sack pillows on Etsy, but next week it’s going to be something else you didn’t know you wanted before. to see it. It’s worth bearing in mind that while the platforms might be huge, everything you’ll find there is from a small business run by a real individual – a real person who will be happy to receive your order. It’s a nice feeling to have when you click “add to cart”.

Is there a more wonderful sound than the knock on the door that announces the arrival of a food delivery? After a tough week (or let’s be honest, even halfway through), having something delicious delivered rather than having to cook is always a treat. With that in mind, we have some very good news; if you order through Just Eat, you’ll earn up to 4 Virgin Red points for every £1 spent. Sure, you can order from the big brands, but enter your zip code and see what hidden indie gems are in your area. Supporting local businesses can be as simple and as tasty as that.

Image of a takeaway noodle dish.


Remember, you can make a huge difference to a small business without spending a penny. If you ate a wonderful meal, were blown away by outstanding customer service, or purchased something truly unique, be sure to tell someone. There’s nothing more valuable to a small business than a personal recommendation. A like or share on social media will also give a small business a boost, so don’t hold back on the clicks!

Personal and thoughtful gifts are always received with joy, so the next time you’re choosing a gift for someone special, consider buying from a smaller brand. You might find something that is just perfect.

You can spend your Virgin Points on heavenly scented candles from Saint Fragrance and breathtaking hand-tied bouquets of Appleyard London flowers. Unusual yet luxurious brands that are sure to earn you some serious brownie points with friends and loved ones.

Image of a florist arranging flowers into bouquets.


At Virgin Red, we really care about supporting small businesses and are always on the lookout for new, growing brands to work with. We’re at the very start of our mission to champion the best of British small business – so stay tuned to find out with which brands you will soon be able to earn and spend your points!

When you earn or spend your Virgin Points in a small business, you make a real difference in the lives of the people who run it.

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