Fragrance shop

The Fragrance Shop Announces Outstanding Results and Subscriptions

This week the company revealed that its revenue jumped 5% on a like-for-like basis for the full financial year ending March to record a figure of £112m.

The company said its success was due to growing demand for luxury fragrances, while investment in opening new stores also served to boost its revenue.

Scentaddict Subscription Service

The independent company, led by chief executive Sanjay Vadera, believes its new “scentaddict” subscription service will also serve to fuel growth in its upcoming 2018 financial year.

The new business division launched with a dedicated website that encourages fragrance fans to subscribe to regular deliveries personalized to their 12 scent preferences.

The subscription service costs £12 per month and guarantees delivery of a travel perfume sample. Ordering a full size perfume bottle means the £12 subscription fee for that month is deducted from the order.

More store openings

But the expansion program won’t stop at the subscription service, as the company continues its store expansion plan, aiming to open its 200and​ during this fiscal year, while the number of concession stores at House of Fraser is expected to reach 28.

“We have achieved outstanding like-for-like sales growth for another year by listening to our customers and giving them what they want; a growing range of affordable luxury fragrances, being the first to market exclusives, the best possible retail experience and an expanding store portfolio,” Vadera said.

“Our latest business figures also demonstrate the resilience of the fragrance sector with luxury fragrances like Dior Sauvage by far the best performing fragrances.”