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Top 5 Pakistani Perfume Brands for Men

Having a good perfume for yourself is essential these days. Whether you’re going to work or attending an event, you wouldn’t want to be without a good perfume. For many decades, fragrances have been widely used to define personalities. Apart from the basic classification of male and female scents, there are several other details in scents that allow people to develop an association. Finding good Pakistani perfume brands can be quite easy and quite difficult. It entirely depends on your preference. If you are a man and want to find yourself a new signature scent, there are plenty of options available in the local market.

However, it is relatively difficult to find high quality perfume in Pakistan. Most of the originals are quite expensive. While that may be valid, what if we told you that you can find some of the best Pakistani perfume brands at a reasonable price? We offer you a list of perfume brands in Pakistan that offer good perfumes from 3000 PKR.

Pakistani perfume brands for men


Junaid Jamshed has never failed to please customers. As one of the best perfume brands in the local market, J. has delivered some of the most amazing fragrances for men. You can find not one, not two, but many fragrances of divine fragrances. If you are looking for class and masculinity, J. will not disappoint.


Man by J. is a spicy and lemony fragrance that allows you to vibrate at the heart of virility. You can experience the highlights of lemon, bergamot, benzoin, grapefruit, musk, cedarwood, and a few other elements combined. You can find it available at PKR 3000 at any of the J. outlets.


Pakistani perfume brands for men

This chic perfume puts all its emphasis on youth. Exclusive by J. is ideal for young and middle-aged men. The refreshing, sporty and relaxed scent is a great story to explore. The fragrance lasts for up to 14 hours. You can find it available at PKR 2500.

Said Ghani

One of the most trusted names in the list of Pakistani perfume brands is Saeed Ghani. The brand has been aptly named since the year 1888. If you are looking for long lasting perfumes with beautiful scents, Saeed Ghani is the place for you. It is important to mention that some of the perfumes are original. Other scents are made from locally produced oils and popular scents.

Desire Dunhill

Pakistani perfume brands for men

Being very popular with young people and men, Dunhill Desire needs no introduction. This scent is perfect for both formal and casual environments. Plus, the scent lasts a long time even in hot, humid weather. You can find it at Saeed Ghani for 1000 PKR.

Attars (without alcohol)

If you love Attars and want to find some of the best in Pakistan, Saeed Ghani is where you go. The brand proudly presents its wide range of alcohol-free attars. You can get them in small bottles for PKR 500 – PKR 1200 to carry anywhere you want. Besides Attars, you can also find a wide range of other fragrances at reasonable prices.

Scents and stories

One of the popular entries in the perfume market in Pakistan was Scents and Stories. The brand entered the local market to make a difference. The brand also pointed out how fragrances aren’t taken as seriously locally as they should be. Scents and Stories has played it smart by understanding the scent preferences of people living in Pakistan. Now, this homegrown brand creates unique and exquisite fragrance blends to deliver high quality fragrances for men.

Tipping point

One of the best perfume wonders made by Scents and Stories is Tipping Point. The fragrance offers you a blended journey of mint, ginger, nutmeg and pink pepper. If you have trouble imagining what it would look like, give it a try. This masculine scent is available in roll-on bottles as well as perfume spray bottles. You can find it available at PKR 1150.

break my head

Pakistani perfume brands for men

If you like to wear strong perfumes, Smash My Head can comfortably please you. The unique blend of warm sandalwood, spicy mandarin, and tanka bean delivers an exquisite, long-lasting experience. Just like Tipping Point, you can also find Smash My Head available in roll-on bottles as well as a spray. The price of this perfume is 1200 PKR.

The Perfume Gallery

As the name suggests, The Perfume Gallery is a gallery of all world famous perfumes. Although the brand does not produce its own original perfumes, it is very popular for finding the best perfumes in the country. You can find perfumes ranging from low to high price tags under the same roof.

Aspen Coty for men

Pakistani perfume brands for men

Originally launched in 1989, Aspen Coty for Men is a very popular fragrance and purchased around the world. The fragrance highlights lemon, lavender, geranium, cyclamen, orange blossom, coriander, musk, amber, oakmoss, cedar and balsam fir. This men’s cologne has a refreshing, long-lasting scent. You can buy it at The Perfumes Gallery for PKR 2200.

Cold by United Colors of Benneton

United Colors of Benneton originally established itself as a clothing brand. However, his perfumes have become very popular due to their unique and long-lasting scent. It is a good morning scent with a hint of citrus. You can buy it at The Perfume Gallery for PKR 2800.

Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi is very well known for her amazing collection of men’s and women’s clothing all over Pakistan. The brand has entered the field of perfumes and has surprised customers with wonderful fragrances. You can easily find heavenly and economical perfumes for all age groups at Bonanza Satrangi outlets.

Extreme sports

A perfect fit for fitness enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts, Xtreme Sports gives you an enjoyable experience. A spray of the fragrance releases a blend of black pepper, night bloom, musk, teakwood and patchouli. You can find this amazing perfume for men at the price of 2900 PKR.


Azlan is another valuable addition to the list of good perfumes in Pakistan by Bonanza Satrangi. The scent is a charming blend of coriander, cypress, benzoin and cedarwood. You can find it available for PKR 2900.