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As an industry worth over $511 billion worldwide, there’s a lot of money to be made in beauty. However, this leads to a lot of waste.

From ingredients used to unsustainable packaging to wasted products, just like the fashion industry, there are hurdles to overcome to make the beauty industry a cleaner and greener space.

But the tide is slowly turning, with consumers now looking for more sustainable and planet-friendly brands. With that, here are some of the heroic brands that are doing their part to help with sustainability.

Glo Skin Beauty

This consciously clean and cruelty-free brand is a leader when it comes to delivering premium skin results using only safe, ethical and sustainably sourced ingredients.

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Hourglass Cosmetics was launched in 2004, with the aim of reinventing luxury cosmetics. As a cruelty-free brand from the start, Hourglass has led the way in the beauty industry. Taking another step towards a sustainable and clean brand, Hourglass became an all-vegan brand in 2020 and continues to introduce and produce products with cutting-edge formulas.

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Davines glass heart

Since 1983, Davines Group has been a pioneer in sustainable beauty. Over time, the brand’s commitment to sustainability has become the number one priority with an increasingly holistic and integrated approach to all our processes: from the research of ingredients for their beauty formulas to the product. final on the shelves of their living rooms.

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Tata Harper

Tata Harper

The meticulously handcrafted skin care range is 100% natural and non-toxic and uses the finest herbal ingredients from around the world that deliver exceptional results. Founded by Tata Harper in 2010, its blend of potent extracts can easily rival even the most advanced synthetics.

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First launched in 2019, this Danish perfume brand focuses on the art of natural perfumery. Using 100% quality natural ingredients, the perfumes are refined and produced in northern Italy using the finest raw materials.

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Pestle & Mortar

pestle mortar

Founded by Sonia Deasy in 2014, Pestle & Mortar is an award-winning skincare line filled with clean ingredients, through generations of healing practices carefully integrated into the brand.

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Olivanna London


Olivanna, founded by Janine Summers, harnesses the power of the British countryside environment using the finest oil extracts from plants and seeds grown in Britain for their bespoke facial techniques and handcrafted glass bottles. Championing women and clean beauty, this game-changing brand is now available in the Middle East.

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Sisley-Paris (1)

Founded by Hubert d’Ornano in 1976 with his wife Isabelle, this beauty brand has been a pioneer since its creation. Under the vision of the founders and their revolutionary foresight in defending phyto-cosmetology – that is, when cosmetics are derived from botanical extracts – Sisley Paris remains at the helm of the luxury cosmetics industry. Using only the highest quality ingredients, not only do Sisley products deliver the best in beauty, but their revolutionary approach to product development has also helped the brand reduce its carbon footprint and incorporate eco-friendly practices. .

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of March – ‘The question of sustainability’ – Download now

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