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A growing list of independent Australian fragrance brands


Your guide to the best local perfumes.

I don’t think I’m the only one who feels smug when someone tells me I smell good. This smugness is particularly accentuated if a stranger asks me what perfume I’m wearing (probably By the Fireside by Maison Margielayes I am a basic bitch).

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Always on the lookout for compliment-inducing fragrances to add to my growing collection, I realized in my research that Australian brands are often missing from trending fragrance recommendations on the internet, and wrongly so. At FJ, we love championing independent local brands. We’re not one to watch, so go ahead and enjoy this growing list of Australian fragrance labels.


With a focus on creating a sustainable and inclusive fragrance label, Roemy crafts fragrances you can feel good about. Its scents have names like Halcyon and Solstice, and they capture different memories – a cool morning dip in a lake, an autumn sunset.


Odesse is one of the few perfumery brands to offer solid perfume. Her version is quite luxurious, plus it’s wax-based, Australian-made, and refillable, so you can feel good while smelling good.


Relatively new to the perfume world, Melbourne-based brand Pedrisat focuses on quality rather than quantity, and as such each fragrance is released in a limited run. The first release only included 20 bottles, so keep your eyes peeled for the brand’s next exclusive scent.


Who is Elijah

Cruelty-free and hand-filled in Sydney, Who is Elijah fragrances are made with ethics and sustainability in mind. The brand’s modern, clean aesthetic also shines through in its fragrances, making it ideal for any minimalist.


Gender-free and cruelty-free, SSaint fragrances are consciously crafted, inspired by landscapes around the world and olfactory memories. Cosmic Bang – with notes of tobacco, cedar and bergamot – sounds intoxicating.

Orb Oils

Orb Oils manufactures sexless oil-based fragrances that are designed to be versatile. Not only can your Orb Oil fragrance be dabbed onto pulse points, it can also be used in your oil diffuser or added to your bath.

Goldfield and banks

Using native Australian plants and inspired by the Australian landscape, Goldfield and Banks fragrances are a delight for the senses. Its fragrance concentrates are housed in eye-catching bottles with names like Southern Bloom and Velvet Splendor.


Sydney-based brand Loess is passionate about creating ethical and sustainable fragrances. Its vegan and cruelty-free fragrances are made from high-quality natural ingredients and its bespoke bottles are recyclable.

gracious spirits

Gracious Minds is all about rituals when it comes to taking care of ourselves, and what better way to do that than through a signature scent? Alongside its skincare offering, the brand produces a plant-based perfume oil with jasmine and sandalwood.


Iconic Australian brand Aesop is known and loved for the dreamy smell of its skincare products, so is it any wonder the brand has a fragrance line? In keeping with its signature refined aesthetic, Aesop’s fragrances are sprayed from classic amber bottles.

Vanessa Megan

Vanessa Megan’s natural fragrances are created with mood in mind – how can you not be enchanted by notes of vanilla bean, sweet orange and lavender, to name a few? The brand’s opulent bottles are also sure to lift your mood.

Mihan Aromatics

We all love the smell of dirt after the rain, don’t we? In a stroke of genius, Mihan Aromatics has bottled this intoxicating scent for you to vape it your way, rain or shine. Don’t miss the brand’s Guilty Story fragrance either, a sweet and woodsy concoction.


Grandiflora may have started out as a florist, but it’s that journey that inspired the brand’s foray into personal fragrance. Think of the essence of flowers distilled into perfumes, which are anything but simple. Plus, they don’t look bad on your bedside table either.


Based in Bondi Beach, Recreation fragrances are made in Australia and champion natural ingredients. Its evocatively named fragrances – like At Night We Dance – are sure to create the perfect signature scent.


Good news for fans of Glasshouse candles: a selection of the brand’s beloved candles are available in scent form. Wear iconic fragrances like A Tahaa Affair and Midnight in Milan, all sprayed from minimalist bottles.

The Storyteller

I would hazard a guess that those who have experienced an Aussie summer share a nostalgia for this season, and the good folks at The Raconteur have turned that nostalgia into perfume. Le Raconteur also makes candles and reed diffusers, in case you need a more intoxicating scent in your life.

A seed

When browsing the One Seed fragrance collection, you can filter its scents by mood – do you want to feel grounded, energized or uplifted? The brand’s fragrances are ideal for those of us who like to switch up scents depending on how we are currently feeling.

Card of the Heart

Contained in bottles in the shape of an anatomical heart, Map of the Heart perfumes are a true ode to this marvelous organ. You do not know which one to choose ? The brand offers a discovery box so that you can taste the scents you like.

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