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A perfumer spills the 10 best clean fragrance brands

In our quest for “clean” things, fragrance isn’t always at the top of the list. We like to plan healthy, nutrient-dense meals, seek out paraben-free skincare, and paint our tips with non-toxic polish, but what about clean fragrance brands?

One of the reasons we might overlook the scents we spray on is that they don’t seem particularly threatening – how bad can a scent really be? (Hint: If you don’t like toxic chemicals, then pretty bad.) It doesn’t help that perfume formulations count as trade secrets in the largely unregulated world of perfume, so when you see “perfume” on a label, there’s no way to tell exactly what ingredients it is. mask. (Even “clean” is hard to define properly when it comes to beauty.)

Scary? Absolutely. As a girl constantly looking for a signature scent, I’m here with you. But trust and believe that a world without toxic fragrances still smells great thanks to the efforts of so many great brands.

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One of those caring perfumers: Rosie Johnston, founder of By Rosie Jane, a Californian brand that prides itself on ingredient transparency. We tapped the famed LA-based makeup artist and entrepreneur to answer all of our burning questions about the clean scent brand.

Ahead, check out her tips for vaping with confidence and our 10 favorite clean scent brands that will make anyone a natural scent fan.

What do you consider a to clean fragrance?

In terms of fragrances or fragrances, “clean” generally means that the product is made without phthalates, parabens, endocrine disruptors, or any other potentially harmful ingredients.

“To me, a fragrance is considered clean if it has ingredient transparency and is made from the safest ingredients possible,” shares Johnston, whose brand shares a full list of ingredients for its perfumes.

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What ingredients are important to avoid in perfumes?

“Phthalates and parabens are the most common fragrance ingredients to avoid, but there are new ingredients to keep an eye on,” says Johnston. “But most perfume brands, own or not, don’t list their ingredients. If you’re looking for a clean scent, research the brand and find one that has the values ​​and authenticity you’re looking for.

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Which retailers do you trust to buy “clean” beauty?

In addition to some of our favorite clean beauty retailers (like Credo or Follain), the perfumer shared a few great companies that make natural and organic products, including clean fragrance brands, easily accessible.

“Sephora has really helped define what clean means, without making people feel bad about not being clean,” says Johnston. “They are very transparent about their standards and easy to understand. Thirteen Moon because JCPenney is also really taking steps into the clean space by bringing the “clean” to a much wider market.

“Cleanliness is for everyone and should be the norm, no matter how much something costs,” says Johnston.

Our favorite natural, clean fragrance brands that smell as good as they look

You can be sure that in addition to being cruelty-free, all of the clean fragrance brands below are thankfully free of phthalates and parabens.

By Rosie Jane

We called on the founder of By Rosie Jane to guide us through this story and for good reason: the Johnston brand is as transparent as its ingredients. Hand-blended in Los Angeles, By Rosie Jane makes cleanliness effortless.

If you’re just beginning your By Rosie journey, you can’t go wrong with the brand’s signature scent.

Lake & Sky

Holistic wellness is embedded in the ethos of Lake & Skye, a women-owned brand launched in 2015. The 11 11 fragrance accomplishes a true fragrance feat: smelling elevated, divine, and a little different on every spray.

The laboratory

It’s not for nothing that Le Labo’s Santal 33 has become practically essential in recent years: the New York brand is simply intoxicating. The entire range of Le Labo oil-based unisex fragrances are rich, sustainably made and last all day.

Louis-Marie House

A family-owned perfume company, Maison Louis Marie is owned by Matthew Berkson and his wife Marie, a former fashion editor who drew inspiration from her family’s French botanical history to create natural, luxurious fragrances.

good chemistry

A good natural perfume shouldn’t cost you much. Example: good chemistry. The beautiful brand was launched exclusively with Target, making it one of the cleanest perfume brands you’ll find in a drug store.


If you prefer your scent on the refreshing side, Kai is for you. Founded by Gaye Stride, who simply wanted to create something lovely that would match her skin, the simple formulation took on a life of its own, gathering celebrity fans and selling in luxury spas and boutiques around the world.

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My Heretic addition started after discovering its sexy, unisex candles at a Goop store in Dallas. Naturally, the artisan brand’s unique scents are just as alluring and beautiful as the care taken in crafting them.

Ellis Brooklyn

Founded by Bee Shapiro in 2013, Ellis Brooklyn is a compendium of The New York Times vast knowledge of clean beauty and love of fragrances. They are as beautiful as you imagine.

Lina Hanson

Celebrity makeup artist Lina Hanson may have launched her eponymous brand in 2012 with just one face serum, but she quickly expanded her range, applying her knack for sourcing fair and effective ingredients to uplifting scented oils in addition to skin care.

Henry Rose

When you search for natural fragrances, you start to see the name Henry Rose floating around. Launched just three years ago by actress Michelle Pfieffer, the well-edited line of genderless fragrances has won covetousness Seduce Best of Beauty awarded for its safe and sophisticated formulations.