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Aldi launches new Lacura fragrances inspired by designer brands such as Carolina Herrera

Perfumes can cost a handsome amount of money, especially if you’re looking for that rave-worthy luxury scent.

But there’s a way to smell and smell like a million bucks without breaking the bank with the new collection of Aldi.

the cheap supermarket launched a new collection of feminine fragrances inspired by cult favorites such as Carolina Herrera and Escentric Molecules.

Lacura Lady Pour Femme and Lacura Atom are the two new fragrances added to Aldi’s beauty brand, Lacura is well-known for creating dupes of beloved products for half the price.

Lacura Lady For Women Eau De Parfum (Aldi)

the Lacura Lady For Women Eau De Parfum (£5.99) is a perfect dupe of Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl (£98).

The cheap scent offers dark notes of sandalwood and tonka bean that complement undertones of orange blossom and Bulgarian rose.

It is described as bold and vibrant and is the perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one.

Salisbury Journal: Atom of Lacura.  (Aldi)Atom Lacura. (Aldi)

the lacquer atom (£5.99) is inspired by Escentric Molecules (£72) designed to adapt to each wearer with a unique velvety, amber aroma that gets stronger over time.

Moreover, it gives a mysterious scent that complements the fierce femininity.

Salisbury Diary: Lacura Dark Blossom.  (Aldi)Lacura Dark Blossom. (Aldi)

For fans of the Dark Flower Lacura (£5.99) inspired by Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium (£91), you’re in luck as it’s returning to stores and online.

With its notes of pink pepper and orange blossom, it also has undertones of sweet jasmine and coffee aromas.

You can get all new and old fragrances in stores and online now through the Aldi website.