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Automotive brands that act as manufacturers for several motorsport teams

It is not uncommon for different car brands to supply parts and components for more than one motorsport. Read on as we discuss several automotive brands that enjoy being manufacturers for multiple motorsports.

Over the years, motorsport has seen several successful collaborations. Some of the car brands play against the manufacturers for several motorsport teams. It seems that automotive brands are trying to compete in several motorsport events to leave their mark.

For example, you will see Mercedes Benz actively participating in Formula racing and Formula E. So, are you ready to find out how car brands have contributed to several motorsports? Let’s cut to the chase!



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Toyota has been a leading manufacturer in motorsport since 1972. Beginning with small local rallies, Toyota achieved continued success in the World Rally Championships during this decade, leading it to create a multi-purpose facility for motorsport in Cologne in the 1980s. From there Toyota branched out into other motorsports including Formula 1, NASCAR, Indy Car, WRC and Le Mans. Toyota retired from Formula 1 in 2009, but continues to act as a manufacturer for the Toyota Racing Series, NHRA, USAC, Super GT, NASCAR, Super Formula, Formula 3, WRC and the WEC.


NASCAR, Indy Car and WRC are some of the motorsports in which Ford currently competes. Ford Performance is a premium division of Ford that is explicitly dedicated to racing vehicles and components. Ford Motor Company returned to racing in full force in the 1960s with its “Total Performance” campaign. Today, it is impossible to imagine motorsport without this car manufacturer and its contribution.


Although Chevrolet isn’t as active in motorsport as Mercedes or Ford, you can still spot the automaker in IndyCar and NASCAR. Chevy Motorsports is an iconic name in motorsport events. Ever since the brand entered motorsport, it has devoted its resources and efforts to developing innovation for racing cars.



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Honda is currently part of MotoGP and Indycar. Honda reigns supreme in MotoGP as the factory team constructor Repsol Honda, LCR Honda Idemitsu, LCR Honda Castrol with over 312 Grand Prix wins. Honda took its first steps into motorsport in 1964 with Formula racing as a team owner. He acted as an engine builder for Williams with its return to Formula racing in 1983 and won numerous constructors’ championships during that decade. In 2015 Honda returned as a hybrid power unit supplier to the McLaren team, but that didn’t work out very well and they went their separate ways. But after Honda worked further, Red Bull agreed to take them on and Honda took their first victory in the hybrid era at the 2019 Australian Grand Prix. However, Honda pulled out again at the end of 2021. Currently , Honda is involved in MotoGP, WTCR, Super GT, Super Formula, IndyCar, IMSA, BTCC, Formula 3, Formula 4, off-road, WSBK, EWC, MXGP, TrialGP and different GT3 and TCR series.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a name you can’t take away from motorsport. It is one of the automakers that has marked its profile quite diverse in terms of the variety of motorsports. You will find Mercedes Benz in events such as Formula E, Indycar and Formula 1. The automotive brand has also competed in sports car and touring car racing. In the past, Benz was also associated with Grand Prix racing.


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These car brands are making waves in the world of motorsport. By defying the manufacturers of different sports, they are indeed trying to leave their mark on the industry!

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