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Bath & Body Works offers scented products | Culture & Leisure

After two years of working in a warehouse, I can say it’s a complete mess. In this job, I constantly move around, pick up objects and work as a handler. Sometimes the carts provided to us, the workers, are dusty, which makes it difficult for me to keep my hands clean. As expected, each warehouse provides us with hand sanitizers near the water station. Still, it’s never enough, as I constantly have to wash my hands, and sometimes the hand sanitizer dispensers aren’t filled.

I was very excited when my sister took me to a store that provided all the items I needed while I was working. This store is called Bath & Body Works. Bath & Body Works sells the best hand sanitizer. Since my first purchase from them my hands are always clean which I always get compliments for. The products I use in this store are well known for the wonderful scents they provide to their customers.

According to the Racked website, “Bath & Body Works has been in business since 1990. The first store opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts, though it prefers to tout its heritage as ‘straight from the heart.’ social is in Ohio, and currently there are over 1,600 stores in North America alone, mostly in malls, and outposts in the Middle East, Latin America, Russia , Turkey and Singapore. The store started as a beauty line, and was later sold by retailer Express to L Brands, another specialty retailer. Interestingly, the same company that owns Bath & Body Works also owns Victoria’s Secret, Pink, Henri Bendel and La Senza.

Shopping at Bath & Body Works is a wonderful experience. The store sells soap, hand sanitizer, lotions, candles and more. They all have different scents for all genders to try. They also have a whole station for each product they sell which is handy. I tend to buy the same products in my favorite scent, which is called Noir.

I shop there all the time now, and every item they sell is reasonably priced. They sell small containers of hand sanitizers for $1.95. Initially, hand sanitizer was the only item I bought, but eventually I bought their 3-in-1 lotion, body spray, and body soap. Of all the products, I like the plus their 3-in-1 cleanser for face, hair and body, which is scented with black. Another intriguing fact is that every major holiday like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving, they have new products to promote their store and the holidays.

When shopping for hand sanitizers, I struggle to find the right scent for me. They have tons of different scents to choose from. They even have a product called PocketBac hand sanitizer for $1.95. It’s a handy size so it can fit in your pocket. The store also provides holders for hand sanitizers; I currently have a dinosaur carrier.

Many other companies like Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph and Versace will cost you in the triple digit range. Bath & Body Works will provide a minimum price for the cologne at $39.50. Their pricing for the other products they have is very reasonable as each lotion costs between $13 and $16.

Bath & Body Works is a reliable store for soaps, lotions and hand sanitizers. Many Bath & Body Works stores are in malls or strip malls, and I encourage other students to visit them and see their products. I promise Bath and Body Works will not disappoint you as they have reasonable prices, quality products and great fragrances which I would recommend people check out.