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Beauty’s New Holy Grail: GQ’s fiercest friends on their must-have beautification products

I loved GQ’s wellness features when I was a teenager. Conversations about skincare and fragrance revolved around metrosexuality, and the use of an under-eye scrub and serum was revolutionary! At that time, I smothered my face with a pale matte foundation and black kohl eyeliner that I stole from my sister to look like Alison Mosshart from The Kills. I still wear a lot of makeup and men’s skincare is beyond the norm, but when I’m going through a bearded masking phase, I like using Aēsop: it makes me feel like an adult and that I managed this planet. I love Aēsop, especially the oily skin range. It’s my dream brand.

Aēsop Amazing Care For Oily Skin (set of three 100ml bottles), £97,

Nathaniel Curtis, actor

Le Lab Lys 41 Eau De Parfum


To be honest, I struggle with the very contemporary problem of too many choices, and there are a lot of choices when it comes to fragrance. The journey to find my signature scent took me from Lynx Africa (sorry, teenage Nathaniel) to those borrowed from my dad (sorry, teenage Nathaniel). In my twenties I settled into a rotation of three or four that I tended to use seasonally – a sweet and spicy for winter and a cool and sharp for summer – but I never found this one.

Then I met Olly Alexander [on Channel 4’s It’s A Sin], who introduced me to Le Labo. It’s not cheap, I’ll admit, but what’s wonderful is that their scents are unisex and settle differently on different skin types. This one, Lys 41, really turns heads. It’s like a big hug and lasts all day. It has a spicy vanilla aroma and sounds like an absolute snack to me.

Le Labo Lys 41, 100ml, £200,


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