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Best lingerie brands 2022: The best sets for comfort, style and allure

Whether you choose it or wear it, the word lingerie is enough to scare the most enduring. Too cheap and you may end up looking like a placemat, too expensive and you may end up remortgaging your home. Luckily, the past few years have seen the rise of some of the best brands in lingerie, bringing you the very best in affordability, comfort, glamor and everything in between.

Old favorites like Calvin Klein got a refresh, while direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands like influencer-approved Lounge exploded. A strong trend in the self-care and self-love industries has seen independent lingerie brands promoting self-giving, such as the charmingly ethereal New Zealand-based Lonely Lingerie. Many labels are also improving their sustainability credentials, with a special tribute to Instagram favorite Fruity Booty, which makes many of its pieces from surplus fabrics that would otherwise have been wasted, without skimping on cute designs. and originals.

When it comes to lingerie in 2022, there really is something for everyone. Read on to discover our selection of the best lingerie brands for all styles, sizes and budgets.

Best Lingerie Brands: At a Glance

How to choose the best lingerie brand for you

Lingerie is deemed delicate. With a seemingly endless array of cuts, beanies, colors, fabrics, cuts, and various other alliterative categories, it can be hard to pull it off. Our buying guide will walk you through everything you need to know when selecting the best lingerie for you, so there’s no need to shy away from the range on offer.

What hardware should I buy?

The material is a matter of choice, so subjectivity has a big role to play here. In short, it all depends on the look and feel you are going for. Breathable cotton is often considered functional, but it doesn’t have to be. Head to Calvin Klein for a range of soft, understated elegance that emphasizes the curves of the body, rather than distracting them with gimmicks. Many of its sexiest pieces, the triangle bralette for example, are available in a cotton elastane blend made of 92% cotton and 8% elastane, for a very soft material that hugs the curves and puts you at ease.

Mesh fabrics, on the other hand, offer an alluring and sheer look. The semi-opaque fabric used in many Fruity Booty sets – like this Daphne-from-Scooby-Doo-esque one Mulberry Plaid Set – is made from 85% recycled polyester (the remaining 15% is spandex), so it’s a good sustainable option over brand new cotton, which requires a lot of water in its production process.

If you are looking for higher quality materials, such as silk or satin, they will cost you a pretty penny. Pretty, of course, being the key word: take these Gisele briefs from Agent Provocateur, made of 91% silk (and 9% elastane), with a 100% lace trim. At £195 for the short version and £295 for the full version, they’re not cheap, but they certainly won’t feel it either.

What style should I go for?

When it comes to lingerie styles, the sky is the limit. Even the classic bra and panty combination has myriad subsets. With bras, if you’re looking for support but flirtation, a balconette or demi cup will do. Meanwhile, bralettes – without underwires – can be both comfortable and sexy. Until now reserved for A-cup wearers, sizing inclusiveness is on the rise for these eminently comfortable options.

When it comes to bottoms, options abound, from the trusty thong (or a thong if you’re looking for a bit of fabric), to the more full-coverage bikini briefs or Brazilian briefs. If you’re feeling adventurous, a suspender belt exudes old-school glamor – Lounge offers them as standard in some ensembles.

Bodysuits are de rigueur right now, like this sleek take on Agent Provocateur, but be prepared to fight with them while slipping into something less comfortable. For the ultimate adventure, try a corset – this fully boned woven corset from Agent Provocateur isn’t cheap, but its streamlined design makes it a timeless classic.

How much should I spend?

It’s a lie that flattering lingerie has to cost the earth. Millennial and Gen Z brands such as Savage x Fenty and Lounge have dispelled this myth for some time now, offering premium sets that cater to all sizes in the region of £30-70 for a bra and panty combo. Spend a little more and you can often add a matching suspender belt and stockings for a stunning ensemble.

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, for a birthday, big anniversary or wedding, brands like Agent Provocateur sell sets around £150-200. They’re not cheap, but hand wash them in cold water and they’ll last for years – plus, they look absolutely enchanting for a special occasion.

There’s a happy medium, too, in names like Calvin Klein and boutique brand Fruity Booty. The former sells thongs and briefs in the region of £10-£15, with multi-buy offers as standard and underwire bras from £35. Fruity Booty’s funky pieces sell for around £70 for a matching set, but subscribe to her archive for free (just enter your email) and you can find some deeply discounted pieces in the archive sale.

Savage x Fenty: Best lingerie brand for inclusivity

Rihanna’s Saxage x Fenty lingerie line puts inclusivity at the heart of everything she does, with fashion shows featuring models of all sizes, heights, races, disabilities and, er, stages of gestation ( model Slick Jacobs, 22, gave birth to a son just 14 hours after appearing on a Savage x Fenty show). The designs pack a punch, think rainbow and neon hues, gemstones and inventive tailoring. Savage x Fenty goes up to a size 3X and a 46H (in some styles), making it one of the leaders when it comes to size inclusion.

For lingerie lovers, there’s an Xtra VIP membership, which gets you 25% off all full-priced styles. You’ll pay £50 a month for this, but only on the months you choose to ‘shop around’. This fee gets you a VIP member credit worth £50, which is loaded into your account to spend or save. Credit can be used on purchases of £50 or more and must be used in full to be redeemed. There is no expiration date on the credits. If you don’t feel particularly spendthrift in a given month, you can skip the month (this must be done before the 5th of each month) and your card will not be charged. Meanwhile, if you’re someone who buys lingerie more sporadically, you can still shop without joining Xtra VIP Membership, just click “basic checkout” before completing your purchase at checkout.

Some of our favorites include:

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Lonely Lingerie: Best Independent Lingerie Brand

New Zealand brand Lonely makes lingerie that looks like it was made for a Sofia Coppola movie. Self-care is at the heart of the philosophy of this whimsical brand, which calls itself intended for “women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves”. The website also sells personal care accessories, including candles and scented oils.

However, it’s the lingerie itself that steals the show: underwired bras, bralettes and panties in a range of earthy – or should it be heavenly – colors including Maple, Cornflower, Ivory, Dew and Seaweed. For lingerie that feels like the warmest of hugs and feels like the most ethereal of dreams, Lonely is a one-stop shop.

Some of our favorites include:

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Calvin Klein: Best lingerie brand for comfort

There are few sartorial experiences more comforting than slipping on a pair of Calvin briefs and a matching bralette. The brand makes underwear that is smooth, tough, and strong without being fancy. While her sets are great for lounging around the house, they’re supportive enough to wear every day, whether you’re running errands or commuting to the office. If bralettes aren’t your thing, sexier styles like her plunge bra don’t trade comfort for cuteness, with designs intended to both support and flatter. There’s a reason celebrities from Justin Bieber to the entire Kardashian clan have endorsed Calvin Klein underwear. They are modern classics.

Some of our favorites include:

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Agent Provocateur: Best high-end lingerie brand

Agent Provocateur is the doyenne of truly sumptuous lingerie. The luxury brand has had something of a millennial makeover in recent years, with its 2019 Charli XCX campaign a particular highlight. For what is considered a racy brand, there are sets to suit everyone, from vampy Mirabelle to demure Hinda lines. And if there’s one thing Agent Provocateur will always do well, it’s playfulness, whether it’s a Dita Von Teese-style chain bra or bobble-adorned briefs worthy of Austin Powers.

Some of our favorites include:

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Lounge: Best D2C Brand

The direct-to-consumer Lounge brand offers everything you’d expect from D2C: fast shipping, frequent sales, and a truly beautiful gift box if you’re buying for a loved one. The brand’s forte is the range, offering everything from intimate sets in every color under the sun, to triangle bras and bralettes (as the brand’s name suggests, Lounge has no shortage of comfortable underwear ).

The scale and range of products on offer is so vast that if you were looking to shave your underwear collection and start over, Lounge would be the perfect one-stop-shop for all your needs. A word of warning: beware of paying full price, as influencer discount codes are plentiful and linking with the Honey promo code add-on wouldn’t hurt. Lounge also has great multi-buy deals: shoppers can get four flip-flops or briefs for £30 or eight for £50.

Some of our favorites include:

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Fruity Booty: Best Lingerie Brand for Sustainability

As well as being eminently Instagrammable, London-based Fruity Booty has excellent sustainability credentials. The majority of the brand’s pieces are made with excess material that would otherwise end up on the cutting room floor and the recommended washing process – cold water is best – saves valuable energy .

Meanwhile, for pieces that aren’t made from surplus fabric, the materials used are both local and of high quality, meaning they aren’t unnecessarily shipped from distant destinations. Sustainability ties into other aspects of Fruity Booty; it recently introduced a company-wide single-use plastic ban and product packaging is 100% recyclable.

Some of our favorites include:

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