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How some skincare and beauty brands are promoting sustainable practices in 2022

Plastic pollution and the presence of microplastics in human blood have raised concerns among many consumers who purchase health and beauty products. To address this growing problem, many beauty and skincare brands are now showing their concern for the environment. Sustainable practices in the beauty and skincare industry are beginning to take shape.

For example, American skincare brand Versed uses recycled plastic to make its products to reduce plastic waste going to landfill. PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) products are made by Versed most of the time. Using PCR, the materials are broken down and can be reused to make new skincare products, eliminating the waste they would create if they were just going to decompose in a landfill. Versed explains on its website: “Virgin plastic, on the other hand, is brand new and costs the Earth a lot more.”

Versed claims that some of their products are made with 79% PCR plastic. According to a report by the Huffington Post, the carbon footprint of making 100% polyethylene terephthalate (PET) PCR, like in a water bottle, is 60% lower than that of virgin PET. And the process includes all the energy needed to collect, recycle and remanufacture the plastic.

However, the packaging is not the only thing that makes a product eco-friendly. Factors such as production methods, clean energy, harvesting techniques, and ingredient sourcing also play a crucial role in improving wasteful or unethical practices.

To solve this problem, many companies have come up with a refillable option for hard-to-recycle categories like perfume bottles, moisturizers, etc. For example, the manufacturing sites of Krigler Perfumes teams reuse and refill containers. Speaking to Vogue, Ben Krigler, the fifth-generation perfumer, said: “Ship or bring back empty bottles and we can recycle them – and our stores are also trained to refill bottles.”

On top of that, Tata Harper Skincare’s moisturizer now includes airtight packaging and a 100% recyclable refill cartridge. The signature green glass packaging only needs to be shipped once, then it can be refilled with the refill pods. In a similar vein, skincare brand Glow Recipe has also introduced refill pods for its moisturizer.

Are you excited to indulge in sustainable beauty practices?

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