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Choosing a fragrance can be hard enough, but your favorite brands don’t make it easy for you by producing such a wide range of fragrances. To know: Are you a Dior Sauvage guy or a Dior Homme guy? Both are great, but which is better? Same for Calvin Klein: Is Eternity the right option for you (and if so, which of its iterations makes the most sense?), or does CK One win the prize, or… is it something else? thing ?

If you’re already loyal to a label, you probably have a preference. But if you’re looking for a signature scent or another scent to round out your rotation, then consider our picks for the best scent from your favorite menswear brands. They are here in no particular order, but they outrank all others made by their houses. Although sometimes victory is only by a nose.

Dior Homme EDT


Some will be surprised not to see Sauvage here – and that would be a close second – but Dior’s latest Homme release is one of the easiest combinations when it comes to a signature scent that appeals to the crowd. crowd. Sure, a million guys already have it as their go-to scent, but it’s for good reason.

Buy Now (Sephora): $82+

Buy Now (Dior): $82+

Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze Florentine Iris EDP

Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze Florentine Iris


You know those multi-pronged scalp tingling devices, the ones that give you goosebumps and general calm when massaging your head? It’s the same effect that Florentine Iris has on the senses, thanks to an A+ blend of powdery flowers and musk.

Buy Now (Bloomingdale’s): $260

Buy Now (Zegna): $260

Calvin Klein CK Everyone EDT

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

A citrusy and woody splendor makes it the prototype of unisex fragrances for spring and summer. Lots of Calvin Klein fragrances could jockey for this spot, but this one smells like an idyllic weekend — so even if it’s Tuesday, at least you’ll remember what you’re working for.

Buy Now (Ulta): $55+

Buy Now (Calvin Klein): $55+

Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Intense EDP

Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne Intense

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s update to its signature green bottle gives us a treasure trove of the classic Polo scent, but in a more chypre and lemony punctuation. Grapefruit, sage, patchouli, amber… a dream list in a crowded perfume field.

Buy Now (Sephora): $82+

Buy Now (Ralph Lauren): $82+

Tom Ford Oud Wood EDP

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Tom Ford

You could wear a different Tom Ford perfume every day of the month and still smell fantastic. But one of our favorites is Oud Wood, often considered the best oud flavor in the game. It’s both seductive and commanding. Wearing this one will make you feel like the boss, even if you still have a few rungs.

Buy Now (Sephora): $270

Buy Now (Tom Ford): $270

Hermès Terre d’Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver EDP

T'erre d'Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver


For one thing, this vetiver remix of fan-favorite Terre d’Hermès couldn’t live without its predecessor. So while we owe a lot to the original, it also casts a shadow over Eau Intense Vetiver, which we say is definitely superior. It’s like The Godfather vs. The Godfather: Part II. We have always loved Robert De Niro, and we will always choose Eau Intense Vetiver.

Buy Now (Sephora): $100+

Buy now (Hermès): $137

Gucci Guilty For Men EDT

Gucci Guilty For Men EDT


Pink pepper, French lavender, honey, orange blossom, patchouli, neroli, cedar wood, leather, incense. Gucci is guilty of having armed millions of men with this powerful and sensual fragrance. It’s an ego boost whether you need it or not. It signals confidence with every spritz.

Buy Now (Sephora): $80+

Louis Vuitton Orage EDP

Louis Vuitton Orage

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton never falters with its fragrance launches, but one of the brand’s first men’s scents still tops our list. Orage is a powerful and powdery patchouli, and more transporting. Wear it to ground your senses or lift your spirits.

Buy now: $280

Yves Saint Laurent Y Fresh Water

Yves Saint Laurent Y Fresh Water


Of YSL’s many stellar scents, its Y line of fragrances are all something to call home. And we choose Eau Fraiche Barely There as our choice for two reasons: one, it’s the best Eau Fraiche in the entire estate, period. (This category of scents is the least potent – very subtle, never overpowering.) Second, it’s positively radiant, thanks to a refreshing blend of citrus, florals and woods.

Buy Now: $82+

Givenchy Gentleman Woody EDP

Givenchy Gentleman Woody


Let’s hear it for Boisee: The Givenchy Gentleman line now has eight spin-offs, but it’s this woody-spicy blend that stands out the most. It is the notes of coriander and black pepper that give it depth, and the subtlety of cocoa that makes it rich. When scrolling through the Givenchy selection, consider looking for the black label on a black-gray gradient bottle to make sure you’ve got the right fragrance.

Buy Now: $83+

Prada Ocean Luna Rossa EDT

Prada Ocean Luna Rossa


Somehow, the trio of crisp citrus, powdery iris and woodsy vetiver sends us out to sea. It’s like a day on the water, or at least enjoying the ocean breeze from the Earth. Either way, Ocean Luna Rossa adapts to any carefree attitude, and when the stressors in your life start to pile up, a few sprays can remind you of a relaxing trip to the shore.

Buy now: $100+

Burberry Hero EDT

Burberry Heroes


We mean that in the best possible way: Hero is a winning choice, but not because of outstanding features. It is the woody scent that you choose as a soothing and warming accent, and which plays a secondary role in relation to your personality and your magnetism. His absence is notable, but his presence is heroic without having to beg.

Buy Now: $78+

Chanel Blue by Chanel EDT

Bleu de Chanel


What haven’t we already said about Bleu de Chanel? We all have a positive association with this sensual and enchanting scent. You won’t be the first to wear it by any means, but by doing so, you can carry on its legacy of charming the pants of everyone you meet. (And, for the record, Chanel does offer men’s clothing.)

Buy Now: $90+

John Varvatos Artisan EDT

Jean Varvatos Artisa

John Varvatos

Artisan is instantly recognizable – it’s packaged in a container as iconic as the fragrance it contains. It’s a terrific blend of citrus fruits, herbs and spices that carries freshness. Like others on this list, it’s part of a whole line of products with the same name, but this is one case where the original reigns supreme.

Buy Now (John Varvatos): $95