Fragrance shop

Opening of a new vegan and chemical-free home fragrance boutique in Baildon

A man who was diagnosed with a serious illness has turned a hobby into a new eco-friendly business.

Passionate about perfume, Richard Bates has opened a new 100% natural and sustainable perfume shop – Wick’s & Spritz – on Westgate, Baildon.

The shop sells a range of vegan, eco-friendly, and chemical-free home fragrances, including melt waxes, candles, and carpet air fresheners.

Richard opened the store after being diagnosed with health issues, which forced him to find a chemical-free alternative to his favorite fragrances.

Richard Bates, 35, opened the shop on Saturday

Richard, who welcomed his first customers on Saturday, said: “I love the home fragrance, the way it can change mood and atmosphere, and I prefer it in the evening. I can manipulate the scent into whatever I want.

“But the product was formed out of necessity and my poor health. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and discovering cancer cells, I needed to find a way to have a new lifestyle without chemicals and I couldn’t do my full-time job in sales like I used to.

“After watching for hours on Youtube people making candles I had to find a way to make a wax that didn’t contain chemicals and was natural too and I needed to find an affordable way that I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Wick's and Spritz sells a range of natural home fragrancesWick’s and Spritz sells a range of natural home fragrance products

Richard said he started by creating a mango-flavored perfume which is his partner’s favourite, then started distributing them to his family and friends, who “then went to Baildon” .

“I wouldn’t be here without the local community. The local post office noticed I was sending a lot of packages and asked if I wanted to promote them there, then Baildon Cards, Gifts and Balloons did the same.

And then Dannielle, who owns the Altreka store, said I could use the front room of her beauty salon called NuMi and that’s where I am now,” he said.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Richard Bates, 35, opened Wick's and Spritz after needing to find a chemical-free alternative to his home fragrance productsRichard Bates, 35, opened Wick’s and Spritz after needing to find a chemical-free alternative to his home fragrance products

Richard creates the products in the garage of his house.

“We started with just six and they’re all loved like love shot, mango and papaya, mermaid cove, but we try to do everything we can as naturally as possible.”

In the future, he wants to expand his product line, with items such as natural bath salts, soaps, and the use of natural fragrances to find other forms of these products.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: chemical-free and vegan productsChemical-free and vegan products

The shop is open Thursday from 12 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.