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PaydayNow: Shoppers’ Favorite Smells

Did you realize that the way your business smells might attract customers? Here’s the lowdown on perfume marketing.

  • The smell is linked to emotion and so expenditure.
  • Customer loyalty and expenditure are boosted through smell marketing and scent branding, which combine science and art.
  • The ambient aroma may help your workplace smell pleasant while reducing tension and anxiety.
  • This post is for business owners who wish to better advertise to consumers and get them to spend more money.

You should pay greater attention to the smells in shops while shopping. They could make you spend more. While lighting and music may influence how much individuals spend, specific fragrances have been shown to increase spending.

Scent marketing

Scent marketing is the strategic use of smell at customer touchpoints. The correct aroma might help you establish an emotional connection with your customers and enhance their shopping experience.

It’s forceful but subtle. It is aggressive because it lets companies reach customers outside their establishment by wafting scents via open doors and windows. It’s subtle since most customers don’t understand their aroma isn’t accidental.

Smell’s power

According to ThoughtCo, scents may alter people’s emotions and purchase decisions. Mint, thyme, and rosemary are energizing, and lavender, basil, and citrus are calming. Rose, ginger, cardamom, licorice, and chocolate evoke amorous sentiments.

Simple fragrances, rather than sophisticated scent mixtures, are significant spending motivators, according to WSU researchers. Simple aromas like citrus and pine need little mental processing, allowing shoppers’ minds to construct imagery connected with these fresh odors.

One of the study’s authors and former dean of the Washington State University College of Business, Eric Spangenberg, stated the plain smell was more successful.

The researchers created two smells for the study: an orange aroma and an orange-basil-green-tea scent. During 18 days, researchers observed over 400 clients at a home décor shop while the air housed an essential, complex, or no aroma.

The research found that shoppers exposed to the smell spent 20% more.

In a series of tests, pupils were given questions to solve. They discovered that students answered more problems faster when a raw smell was present vs. a complicated scent or no scent.

Spangenberg says the study shows the importance of smelling clients.

Intuitively, most individuals are affected, he says. “What’s crucial for retailers and marketers is that a nice aroma isn’t always a successful scent.”

David Sprott of Washington State University and Manja Zidansek of Washington State University co-authored the study.

Popcorn’s psychology

Consider smell marketing in a movie theater. When entering, they are greeted by popcorn. This is not a fluke. A theater’s primary source of revenue is concessions, not movie tickets.

Even cinemas that offer entire meals in dine-in stadiums have popcorn blasting when customers enter to set the scene for the next event. Scent association not only reminds moviegoers of former cinema experiences but also of past goodies they might re-enjoy.

What is fragrance marketing?

Increasingly, brick-and-mortar companies use smell marketing to improve the shopping experience and increase sales.

“Scent marketing uses fragrances to evoke emotions in prospective consumers, encouraging them to spend more time in shops or places of business, thereby improving customer experience, while establishing pleasant memories with scents that keep them coming back to the product or service (brand loyalty).”

One research in the International Journal of Marketing found that fragrance marketing raised Nike consumers’ propensity to buy by 84%. Another study found that perfumed areas attract 45 percent more gamblers. The limbic system governs memory and mood, and ambient fragrance has the following benefits:

  • Ambient scent improves memory and identification.
  • It prolongs a customer’s stay at a store.
  • It improves mood and pleasure.
  • It increases customer service.

How to make your company smell good?

Scent marketing may be used in numerous ways. Hyatt Place has used aroma branding for years. According to HBR, it started with a trademark called “Seamless,” combining blueberries and floral notes on a foundation of vanilla and musk. Hyatt subconsciously wants people to identify the hotel with a pleasant aroma like other corporations.

The scent of freshly made chocolate chip cookies relaxes and comforts guests at Walt Disney World in Florida. According to ThoughtCo, Singapore Airlines utilizes Stefan Floridian Waters. The perfume is used onboard the aircraft, on the flight attendants, and to wash the in-flight towels.

Scent marketing provides benefits beyond increased sales. Scents were found to reduce anxiety in cancer patients awaiting MRIs (vanilla) and dentistry patients in waiting rooms (lavender). Nowadays, organizations may be pretty particular about the intended response when using smell marketing and scent branding. The fragrance of leather is the way to go for a high-end appeal. Linen and cotton connote freshness, health, and spring.

Every company wants to influence the way its customers think and behave. Scent marketing is just one more tool in your marketing arsenal. A perfume or scent combination is likely to do whatever mood you want to create.

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