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Reese Witherspoon has created a skincare set with products for glowing skin

Reese Witherspoon’s recommendation and my adoration for Biossance convinced me to check this out, but if you need a little more persuasion, check out these glowing reviews below (pun intended).

One customer exclaimed, “I’m literally OBSESSED. Everything about this set is AMAZING and ADORABLE. The pink and packaging are iconic and I’m obsessed with every product and use them every day. Biossance and Reese are amazing and this collaboration is perfect. ! My favorite is either the sunscreen or the rose oil, they are the best of the best. Such a great price for all these freebies!!”

“Love this set,” wrote one Sephora shopper, adding, “This bag/case is perfect for summer travel. I love that everything is pink (even the sunscreen tube). The oil works so well. I had texture on my cheeks, probably due to dry skin due to my tretinoin retinol. After using it, it completely disappeared! I noticed and felt a huge difference the next day.Plus I can’t even imagine how long it will last me…Sunscreen is GREAT!!!Great for everyday use,won’t clog my pores or give me a white veil on my already pale skin I love this set and would 1000,000% recommend it.

Another person shared, “Inside you’ll find the mineral sunscreen that applies perfectly. The lip balm kept my lips hydrated even in the dry Indiana air!
My favorite part of this set is the full size vitamin C squalane and rose oil! This is my go-to product for locking in moisture!”

Someone else exclaimed, “This set is just gorgeous! The travel case and bag are pretty and functional. The lip balm is the perfect size for on the go and makes my lips so soft. The oil is moisturizing and light. good and not greasy. A great set!”

One shopper explained, “The products inside and some of my favorites that Biossance has to offer. Vitamin C Rose Oil is a constant in my daily routine. Gives my skin a beautiful glow and looks overall healthy Daily use of sunscreen is key to maintaining healthy skin and Biossance does not disappoint!Lightweight, non-greasy, does not leave a white film and provides excellent spf protection. a beautiful glossy shine on your lips. Overall a great set, highly recommend!”

A fan of the products reviewed, “Wonderful overall. The rose oil is amazing, and this was my first time trying the sunscreen. Not too thick like many other zinc sunscreens, and not super greasy. Protected my skin for an hour walk in the afternoon. No whiteness either! The lip balm is like a thick gloss and looks pretty. Definitely thicker than a burts bees or regular lip balm. The storage bags are a beautiful blush pink and perfect for keeping my Biossance products organized while on the go this summer!”

Another customer said, “Beautiful and useful set! Three of my favorites in beautiful packaging and a handy case! Biossance, this is my favorite set so far!”