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Sajid Nadiadwala still has Divya Bharti’s latest hit perfume, hair products once revealed his wife Warda Khan

Sajid Nadiadwala still has Divya Bharti’s perfume and hair products (Photo credit – Facebook, Wikimedia)

Before marrying Warda Khan in 2000, filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala was married to Bollywood’s most beloved actress, Divya Bharti. Time after time, unknown facts about Sajid and the late actress have surfaced on the web and it always leaves their fans surprised. Years after his death, Nadiadwala married Warda and the two are now parents to two sons.

As today marks the 29th anniversary of Divya Bharti’s death, we bring you Warda Khan’s old tweet where she revealed a few things about Sajid and Divya.

Sajid Nadiadwala’s wife, Warda Khan, had previously taken to his Twitter account to reveal that she was still with the producer. She had tweeted, “Sajid still has his latest hit perfume, hair products, a few more items……. it was part of his first movie (KICK) Saat samundar…. In another tweet, Warda mentioned, “Yes strangely I think she helped bring us together, I met #SajidNadiadwala for an interview on her first Birthday……also Sajid, father of Divya, my in-laws, they often tell me that she was very much like me same nature same madness same Behavior….”

In an old interview, as reported by Hindustan Times, Warda Khan had spoken about being trolled many times. She had asked people to stop trolling her and she is an integral part of her life. She once revealed that Sajid Nadiadwala was like a son to Divya’s parents and was very close to his father. “You can’t even imagine how close Dad and Sajid are. And Kunal and Sajid…they talk like brothers. And I never tried to replace it. I made my way. Memories are always beautiful.

“So stop trolling me! It is part of my life and we enjoy it. Sometimes people say, “Divya Bharti bahot acchi thi. Of course bahot acchi thi yaar (Divya Bharti was very good. Of course she was good). We like it. She is really a part of my life,” she added.

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