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Store owners mourn losses as dreams are burned to ashes – ARAB TIMES

The Mubarakiya market scenario paints a grim picture

KUWAIT CITY, April 26: Mubarakiya Market looks like a ghost town that was buzzing with activity during the holy month of Ramadan with people from all walks of life frequenting this market to buy all their necessities during the month of fasting. With Eid al-Fitr just around the corner, the Mubarakiya heritage area continues to haunt shoppers who remember those happy days when people thronged to these markets, but today the devastation left by hell tells a different story with the smell of smoke still lingering in the air. The story continues and woes follow the owners of the shops that the fire razed to the ground, adding to the woes of the victims who continue to face hardship and adversity as the storyline paints a grim picture of what awaits them, them and their stores.

What’s left of the Mubarakiya market

The question written in bold on the horizon is: Will they be compensated and if so, what will the compensation look like, reports a local Arab daily. As markets witness a big move ahead of Eid, Mubarakiya markets are still suffering from the effects of the fire that has afflicted everyone, as market visitors take photos to document the extent of the destruction inflicted to large parts of the arms market. The daily visited Al-Mubarakiya markets to monitor movements and activity, in preparation for Eid, and noticed that this year is not like previous ones.

Al-Khudari added that “the repercussions of the fire in the market are negative for everyone, due to the accumulation of debts, damage to property and the missed opportunity for the Eid season, which is one of the opportunities that arises once a year, and the return to normal life after two long years hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic.He hopes that store owners will be compensated quickly by restoring the power supply to the stores that survived the fire.He added that it is surprising that the power supply has not resumed and added that some traders are using lamps to receive customers.

Sajid Amjad, one of the owners of the burned shops, said “the loss is great, all the goods that were in the shop were burnt to ashes”, and sadly recalls the time when the Mubarakiya market was bustling with customers during Ramadan and before Eid, especially the Perfume Market, which is the largest perfume market in Kuwait, “but as you can see, everything is gone due to the devastating fire.” He pointed out that “all traders and workers are feeling the pain, because of the fire that killed our dreams”.