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The best 90s and 00s perfumes you can still buy today from £13

90s fashion is having a major moment right now, but it’s not just low-rise jeans, micro mini skirts and butterfly clips that are making a comeback in 2022; throwback fragrances have also seen a surge in sales this year, with Gen Z sniffing nostalgic scents to match their new style.

According to sales data from Perfume Directsome of the best-selling fragrances created in the 90s and 2000s, such as Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, CK One and Britney Spears Curious, have grown in popularity since the spring/summer fashion collections released this year.

“Sales of some of the most popular fragrances of the 2000s are on the rise as people embrace everything the early 1990s and 2000s had to offer,” says Jonny Webber of Perfume Direct. “Scent has the power to instantly transport us back in time, evoke memories and give us the feeling of well-being that so many people crave right now.”

90s and 00s inspired fashion is having a major moment right now

He continues, “While many millennials might not be rushing to dust off their old 2000s hipster jeans, a scent is the perfect way to embrace the trend and relive their youth.”

Another possible reason for the sudden popularity of 90s and 00s fragrances? They often don’t come with the high price tag associated with modern perfumes, with most bottles selling for less than £30.

So whether you’re a ’90s babe looking to transport yourself back to your favorite era or just following the trends, here are the best retro scents making a comeback this summer…

Britney Spears curious, from £13.99 here

Curious Britney Spears
This retro fragrance is currently Perfume Direct’s best-selling Y2K fragrance.

Curious was the first fragrance created by Britney Spears and although it was a big hit when it was launched in 2004, the fragrance has grown in popularity following the recent ‘Free Britney’ movement, and Perfume Direct claims it is is currently the best-selling Y2K fragrance on the website. also. Like the singer, this floral fragrance is lively and sensual, with notes of magnolia and vanilla musk.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classic, from £41.99 here

Jean Paul Gaultier Classic
This 90s scent is still hugely popular

First launched in 1993, Classique by JPG became a favorite scent during that decade and remained a bestseller for almost 30 years. With an uplifting and intoxicating aroma of fruity orange blossom, ginger and sweet rose, we predict it will be at the top of Gen Z’s shopping list this year.

Calvin Klein CK One,from £16.99 here

Calvin Klein CK One
Who doesn’t still love this iconic scent from the 90s?

You might recognize this crisp, fresh scent from your boyfriend’s current aftershave collection, but believe it or not, it’s been around since 1994. One of the very first unisex scents, CK One was launched at the height of the supermodel era, just after Kate Moss’ iconic topless Calvin Klein photo shoot. If there’s one perfume you need to relive the 90s, it’s this one.

Happy Clinic,from £25.99 here

Happy Clinic
Fragrance lovers are still obsessed with this cheerful scent

Launched in 1998, Clinique’s Happy fragrance was loved by many teenagers living in the year 2000 era. Fresh and summery with a hint of citrus, this scent does what it says on the bottle – makes you feel happy.

Calvin Klein Eternity, from £22.99 here

Calvin Klein Eternity
A romantic scent from the 90s

Calvin Klein’s Eternity fragrance was also created in 1998 and has remained cult ever since. The retro fragrance is inspired by the idea of ​​eternal love, with floral heart notes of lily, jasmine, violet and rose.

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