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The commercial world continues to rapidly evolve using the latest Technology and has done so in an unprecedented way over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. E-commerce has suddenly taken a prominent place in the lives of many Sri Lankans. Surveys indicate that customers are increasingly turning to online shopping, preferring its security and convenience over visiting a traditional brick-and-mortar store. In this online shopping area, has won the trust of consumers as the best website with a wide range of essential products for their lives.

Their diverse online offering includes all types of Electronic & Domestic electrical appliances like Televisions, Refrigerators, Washing machine, kitchen appliances, Laptop & Mobile phones, Clothes, Shoe, Fashion Accessories, Beauty products, Perfumes & Colognes, Pharmaceutical & Health products, Baby products and Daily Essentials Food & Beverages.

Many companies that have operated as E-commerce giants in Sri Lanka offer the same product from multiple vendors at varying prices, which can be very confusing and frustrating for the customer. Some websites only serve as an online platform for the customer to connect with the supplier and do not take responsibility for the goods offered by these suppliers. Many foreign companies that sell consumer electronics through online platforms in Sri Lanka do not operate in the country. Customers thus face many problems related to quality, warranty and after-sales services. As a result, many e-commerce businesses have lost consumer trust and their business operations have come to a halt.

Comparing with the competition, what makes The special thing is that they only offer one supplier for each product and the chosen supplier is a carefully selected entity that is proven and reliable in the market. For this reason, each product has only one price and offers on and they make sure the deal is the best and biggest you’ll find online. works closely with their local partners Abans, Singhagiri, Softlogic and Singer to ensure that all products are genuine and that customers receive full warranty and after-sales service.

Further away, have partnered with all major banks to provide installment payment facilities for credit cards up to 60 months and special offers for debit and credit cardholders. Another special feature is that they use Abans’ extensive distribution network to ensure prompt delivery to all corners of the island. will celebrate its 10th anniversaryand anniversary in March 2022 and their success is proof of their ability to provide long-term, continuous and reliable services.

by The goal is to provide the best online shopping experience to consumers across the island, allowing them to shop for what they need easily and confidently without leaving the comfort and safety of their own homes.