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These are the South Asian beauty brands to launch in India ASAP

You’re probably wondering, “Oh come on, do we really need MORE beauty brands to get into this already oversaturated industry?” We know very well that there is no shortage of beauty brands in our country, be it skin care, makeup, hair care or even perfume. We have everything you need! However, beyond borders and the seven seas, our Indian diaspora shines too bright when it comes to being beauty entrepreneurs.

Over the past few years, the international beauty vine has been buzzing with the launch of new South Asian brands. While there are a plethora of international beauty brands that cater to most skin care, makeup, and hair care needs, what about the needs of Indian skin and hair? Who’s going to answer that? This is exactly why we have seen an increase in South Asian beauty brands based in the US or Europe lately. Yes, we wonder why they haven’t been launched in India yet! Here are some of our favorites.

wild indiaDiipa Büller-Khosla

Hmm, I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to getting my hands on it wild india! Global Influencer, Diipa Büller-KhoslaThe brainchild of is a fusion of ancient Ayurvedic ingredients and modern skin care. His mother, Dr. Sangeeta Khosla being a dermatologist and Ayurvedic, just adds the icing on the cake, right? Wanting to create something that counteracts the creeping colorism that Indian women face on a daily basis, she gave birth to Wild India. With powerful serums that tackle hyperpigmentation and offer an Ayurvedic alternative to retinol, we’re counting down the days until we can get our hands on them.

RanavatMichelle Ranavat

Rooted in ancient royal rituals, Michelle Ranavat decided to create Ranavat to celebrate their culture. Always strongly inspired by Indians’ dedication to their self-care practices, Michelle created Ranavat. Carefully extracted ingredients that are blended to ensure only the opulent best for your skin and hair, sounds pretty captivating, right? We especially spring Ranavatis the hair serum taking the internet by storm. Those hair transformation videos? Phew! We also want those chunky braids.

Kulfi BeautyPriyanka Ganjoo

NGLthe moment we heard Kulfi Beauty‘s, there was no denying that this brand was all about indulging in having fun with beauty. Priyanka Ganjoo named it after our absolute fav summer delicacy that comes in a thousand and one flavors, like an ode to good childhood memories. Their first product, the kajal. Yes, it is a staple in every Indian woman’s vanity, right? With intense pigmentation that refuses to budge, Kulfi BeautyKajals are also very easy on the eyes. Available in 5 vibrant colors, we can’t wait to play and go crazy with these.

Live tintedDeepica Mutyala

One of the very first beauty brands led by a South Asian woman, Live tinted was the result of an influencer, Deepica Mutyalais hard work. Created to shed light on the beauty concerns of melanistic people, often overlooked, Live tinted is one of the most sought-after beauty brands today. The huestick, their first product had to be versatile – it not only corrected hyperpigmentation, but also acted as a lip and cheek color. How cool is that? They also have a gorgeous serum-moisturizer hybrid highlighter and effective sunscreen. Ughwhen can we get our hands on it!

Mango People CosmeticsSravya Kalyanapu

When Sravya Kalyanapu realized that most of the existing lipstick shades on the market washed out Indian skin tones or didn’t show up at all, Mango People Cosmetics was born. Keeping sustainability and inclusivity at the heart of all their beliefs, this brand uses only plant-based ingredients derived from potent fruits and plants from the South Asian subcontinent. These versatile products can be used on almost any part of your face, so fun, right?

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