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These Beauty Products Will Make You Feel Fresh And Get You Ready For Spring

Beauty and style writer Jennifer Chan picked eight of her favorite new products and joined the show to share them with us! #newdaynw

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your beauty routine, so it’s no coincidence that the shelves are full of new product launches in hair care, fragrance, makeup and body care.

Beauty and style writer Jennifer Chan picked eight of her favorite new products and joined the show to share them with us! She showed off her beauty picks from the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel.

It’s a new brand that just launched last year, and everyone is already talking about its unique scents! Each unisex scent is hand-blended in Nashville, TN, cruelty-free, vegan, and free of harsh chemicals. No. 2 has notes of amber, jasmine, saffron and sandalwood.

Les Deux offers eau de parfum, roll-on perfume oil and candles, with bath and body products coming soon.

Inventors of the original bath bomb, LUSH has always been about innovative new products, high quality ingredients and ethical practices.

Jasmine Bath Bomb ($6.95):

  • I love the new Jasmine bath bomb from Lush. One of the last additions to their range ahead of the anniversary of the iconic product’s innovation 33 years ago in April. This soothing floral bubbly melts into your bath releasing a relaxing bouquet of sweet jasmine to give your skin tender love and care.
  • A great addition is that this product is vegan, package-free, and self-preserving so you can gift knowing you’re eliminating the need for extra waste and added preservatives. This product and a range of other spring body care essentials, such as face masks and shower gels, are now available online and at Lush retail stores.

AURA is the first and only custom hair care brand with pigment options – add a Fantasy Tint, Classic Tint or optional Neutralizer to achieve your desired color or tone.

Create your own “Ritual” based on your hair goals and lifestyle with premium shampoos, conditioners and masks customized for all hair types.

Go fragrance-free or choose from six signature fragrances, the latest flavor launched, “Forever Generation”, a gender-neutral scent that marries masculine and feminine notes in a way that empowers whoever wears it.

4. Az Craft Luxury Haircare Intense Volume Mist

äz Craft Luxury Haircare is formulated by the master hairstylist and owner of Salon 8 in Bellevue Square! This formula creates a lightweight barrier around the cuticle that plumps the hair shaft for thick, voluminous hair, and contains anti-frizz and anti-humidity technology, perfect for Seattle dwellers. Apply to towel-dried hair at the roots and pat dry. For added texture, spray on dry hair and tousle after styling.

Sells for $48 at

This all-new all-in-one vegan nourishing hair serum is all about looking good, feeling good, and nourishing your scalp with deep, plant-loving moisture. Your ends will be stronger, your hair will be sexier, and your biotin will be boosted, leading to increased hair growth.

6. Boxwalla: April’s beauty box

Boxwalla is a discovery platform for curious people and showcases the best in art and craftsmanship across multiple categories including beauty, book, food and film.

The Boxwalla Beauty Box is a subscription box, filled with luxurious plant-based skincare, that comes out every two months. Products are packaged in a sturdy outer box handcrafted from tree-free paper.

April’s Beauty Box is all about spring skincare ($49.95, retail value $205) and themed The Radiant Charm of a Glasswing Butterfly with products that rejuvenate and renew the skin. as well as strengthen the skin barrier. These products combine botanical ingredients with well-studied laboratory actives and are gentle, yet incredibly effective.

Votary Radiance Revealing Mask with lactic and mandelic acid, is a creamy and gentle resurfacing mask that gently and evenly exfoliates the skin

Arcana Glasswing Ceramide Serum is a lightweight, hydrating serum with a 5% vegan ceramide complex that helps strengthen the skin barrier

Charm of the Nine Herbs of Arcana is an oil serum based on a medieval herbal recipe, which can be applied over Ceramide serum, and helps nourish and clarify the skin.

7. Babe Lash Lip Trio ($60)

This plumping lip jelly is sure to plump up that pout in no time. It glides on smoothly to give your lips a healthy dose of hydration. You’ll feel an immediate cooling sensation as the plumping effect sets in, giving you that shiny, supple finish.

1. Lip Trio comes in 3 shades: Clear, Sheer Mauve and Red Glass

2. Infused with hydrating ingredients (non-irritating like other lip plumpers) such as hyaluronic acid for a full dose of lip hydration.

3. To purchase, visit: / IG @babe_lash

SUNNIE was founded by board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Alexis Parcells, MD, with the goal of empowering people to protect and improve the quality of their skin as they age. SUNNIE offers clean, medical-grade skin care products for optimal results, promoting smooth, youthful skin at any age.

SUNNIE products are designed to treat specific medical conditions, prevent skin damage, use the highest quality ingredients, and have a higher concentration of active ingredients than can be found over-the-counter.

SUNNIE ScarSmooth: Medical Grade Advanced Scar Reduction Kit ($146)

The ScarSmooth System is a complete scar kit that aims to smooth and soften the appearance of scars. Can treat a variety of scar conditions: post-surgery, post-birth (caesarean section), laceration, household accidents, burns and acne.

The kit includes: ScarSmooth: medical-grade silicone scar removal tape, ScarSmooth: advanced medical-grade scar removal gel, and a complimentary 24-karat gold ScarSmooth vibrating beauty bar. The vibration technology allows the gel to penetrate deeper into the skin while simultaneously breaking up fibrous bands that contribute to scar formation.

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