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Vogue recommends: 5 summer products and skincare to try this week by the Beauty Editor

I have always thought Multani mitti, or fuller’s earth, and my skin would never get along because some clay masks tend to dry out my skin. That was until I discovered the Purearth Mitti clay mask, an upgraded version of our DIY multani mitti concoctions, with honey and licorice that never dried out my skin, leaving it rather soft, hydrated and with a radiant glow. Trust me when I say I can’t help but constantly touch my skin afterwards, as counter-effective as that might be.

Abhyanga at Atmantan Wellness Resort

Stress-free skin is happy skin and if there’s one thing my skin loves, it’s hot oil. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic massage that involves applying warm oil from the scalp to the toes, then gently massaging with four hands. It has multiple benefits like calming the nerves, increasing stamina and improving blood circulation, but the benefits I have most clearly noticed after a few sessions are improved hair quality and reduction of fine lines as well as better sleep. Although the smells of the Ayurvedic oils can be overpowering for some, I am generally comfortable with them and the massage is so relaxing that I usually find myself falling asleep halfway through.

Cliniqiue Cleansing Balm Take The Day Off